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ScienceCloud Biological Registration is a multi-entity system for defining, registering, relationship tracking, querying, and reporting on biological entities. Built in close collaboration with top pharmaceutical companies, this award-winning system enables you to track the progress of your biologics across discovery and development. Supporting a wide range of biologics out-of-the-box, Biological Registration provides powerful tools to enable you to register your own custom biologics types without needing to write code. To make the most of your investment in biologics R&D you need to manage what you have, how it was created, and how it relates to your other biologic assets.

Assess Uniqueness

Compare your entities against others in your system, as well as the public domain.

  • Automatically cross-reference “new” entities against those already in your enterprise database.
  • Perform enterprise-wide querying and data retrieval.
  • Import sequences from external databases (Genbank, VNTI, FastA).
  • Incorporate results from external services (Identified, Entrez Gene).
  • Assign corporate identifiers.
  • Edit current entities and create new ones to develop the system with your future requirements.

Guided Workflows for Analyzing Antibody Sequences

Many research organizations are increasing efforts on biotherapeutics discovery and development, focusing on antibodies as the predominant therapeutic class of interest. The process of discovering antibodies typically involves analyzing and screening thousands of antibody candidates which are then optimized and rescreened to identify the best candidates to move forward into development.

The Biotherapeutics Workbench enables you to analyze high volume candidate antibody sequences and associated data by following a guided workflow. With the Biotherapeutics Workbench, you can:

  • Rapidly import and annotate large numbers of antibody sequences
  • Analyze antibody activity and characterization data
    Cluster antibodies into groups based on sequence information and other properties
  • Calculate a variety of developability properties
    Leverage a graphically rich user interface to more easily understand your data

The Biotherapeutics Workbench enables you to bring all of your data together so that you can triage antibody sequences to more easily identify and select optimal candidates for further investigation and analysis.


The BIOVIA Biologics Solution Overview