Cloud-Based Research Informatics: Improve Collaboration, Agility & TCO Across Different Industries
Selecting a cloud-based solution to support collaborative research.” MORE
A White Paper
Merial and BIOVIA Finalists for Bio-IT Best Practices Award
Merial Pharma Discovery & Research has implemented an advanced research informatics platform for sharing data and communicating with our worldwide network of research partners.” MORE
By Al Long, Merial
How to Develop a ScienceCloud RESTful Web Service for Data Syncing
As corporations are organizations are transitioning infrastructure to the cloud, it is clear that at least in the short term one will need to support a “hybrid-cloud” environment. This BLOG describes how one can create RESTful web services to move data between the cloud and on-prem applications and vice versa. MORE
By Ton van Daelen
Scientific Collaboration All the Rage at Bio-IT 2016
At the BioIT World Conference in Boston earlier this month, vendors and customers highlighted Scientific Collaboration as a major theme in drug discovery. Interestingly, over 90% of pharma and biotech companies do not yet have a purpose-built solution in place to support these collaborations. MORE
By Daniel Jones
Open PHACTS Component Collection 1.5 Released
We are pleased to announce the release of the Open PHACTS Component Collection version 1.5. Open PHACTS is an online open-source platform with a set of integrated publicly available pharmacological data. It provides tools and services to query and visualise this data. MORE
By Andrei Caracoti
BLOG: BIOVIA ScienceCloud Obtains ISO 27001 Certification
ScienceCloud is the first information management and collaboration workspace for globally networked drug research to achieve this important globally recognized certification” MORE
By Darrin Powell
BLOG: ScienceCloud and ELF Win Bio-IT World Best Practices Award
BIOVIA ScienceCloud, as used by the European Lead Factory (ELF) project, has been awarded a prestigious BioIT World Best Practices Award for Knowledge Management” MORE
By Guillaume Paillard
BLOG and White Paper: “Automating Collaboration Workflows” Your move to the cloud will only be successful if you have a strategy for integration between the cloud and your on-prem databases and application. We have worked with a large pharma customer to solve a number of key integration use cases. MORE
By Dave Rogers
ipad-scinececloud 75px
BLOG: “Pipette Analysis – A Novel Experience for Collaborative Scientific Data Analysis”Pipette Analysis, a browser and mobile friendly application helping scientists to rapidly answer scientific questions and turn massive amounts of data into meaningful, real knowledge. MORE
By Matt Hahn
BLOG: “Mobilize Your Project Team with ScienceCloud Tasks and Projects”Today Accelrys announced the availability of two new, free mobile apps in the Apple App Store. MORE
By Fred Bost
BLOG: “Announcing ScienceCloud: Transforming Externalized Drug Discovery”Today Accelrys announced the launch of ScienceCloud. I have not been this excited about a product launch in years– fifteen years to be exact! MORE
By Matt Hahn

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“The Compelling Case for Cloud Computing in Life Science Research ” LISTEN
By Alan Louie, IDC and Ton van Daelen, BIOVIA

“Scientific Collaboration Checklist – Get on Top of Your Scientific Collaborations” LISTEN
By Ton van Daelen, BIOVIA

“BIOIT-World Webinar: Making Secure Cloud Collaboration Work”  LISTEN
By James Connelly, Sanofi

“Five Reasons the Majority of External Collaborations Fail (And How to Overcome Them)”  LISTEN
By Ton van Daelen

“Pipette Analysis: a novel user experience for collaborative scientific analysis”  LISTEN
By Richard Heath and Ton van Daelen

“ScienceCloud, a cloud solution for collaborative R&D”  LISTEN
By Frederic Bost and Ton van Daelen

“ScienceCloud: A Scientific Collaboration Platform for CROs”  LISTEN
By Frederic Bost and Ton van Daelen

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