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Tracking and management of samples

Hand with a microplate assayScienceCloud Sample provides an intuitive web-based solution for your low to high volume biological and chemical plate-related sample management. It effectively tracks large numbers of samples and the steps needed to prepare them – including splits, pools, replications, reformats, dilutions, aliquots, and more. Its flexible design is compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, allowing users to seamlessly take their work with them from their desk to the lab bench.

Coupled with ScienceCloud Assay, these integrated solutions can help researchers track and manage the data that comes from high-throughput, plate-based assays back to the job and materials that created it. It helps distributed research teams more quickly share their data and collaborate, streamlining screening campaigns.

ScienceCloud Sample helps scientists automate non-value added tasks in managing plate-based samples, simplifying lab operations and reducing manual errors.


Key Features
  • Job-based system ensures easy sample traceability
  • Unified environment to monitor liquid and solid sample inventory
  • User-administrated preparation workflows
  • User-centric management of entities and dictionaries