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Accurate, Efficient Chemical Tracking and Reporting Any Time, Anywhere

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ScienceCloud Inventory utilizes our best practices CISPro Cloud solution, enabling you to maintain a listing of all the chemicals in your facility(s), keep track of where they are in real-time quantity and monitor usage. Reports are easy to generate, allowing chemicals to be listed by location, vendor, name, CAS#, formula, etc.  Utilizing CISPro through the Cloud allows you to keep your chemical inventory current and your costs low.

For multinational, multi-site companies, collaboration with colleagues across research labs and business sites can enable efficient sharing of materials and supplies, thereby ensuring chemicals are used before expiration and that research is not idled for lack of materials that the organization already possesses in a different location.  Access to inventory data through the cloud improves lab productivity and cost efficiencies.  Regulatory compliance in a globally shared system can be accommodated with GHS-compliant labeling and safety data sheet (SDS) access.

  • Manage chemicals from receipt through disposal more efficiently
  • Track reagent inventory while collaborating with external CROs
  • Ensure accurate, real-time chemical safety and inventory data
  • Integrate chemical inventory with SDS
  • Monitor expiration dates and chemical shelf life
  • Uncover opportunities for waste minimization and cost reduction
  • Address regulatory requirements
What our Customers are Saying
Implementing a web-based chemical inventory management system has ensured that the chemical containers on site are now managed safely and more effectively while relieving the laboratory scientists of workflow challenges.”
- A leading CPG customer