ScienceCloud’s secure, hosted application suite supports a broad range of scientific workflows:


Projects ScienceCloud offers secure collaborative project management and the ability to share project information (whether structured data or documents) using a unique social networking approach to scientific collaboration. Read more..

Assay  Assay is an integral part of the collaborative discovery platform provided by ScienceCloud. It is a lightweight, easy to use web application for the analysis and management of plate based screening data.  It is workflow-based and combines visual analytics, large data storage and scientific capabilities in order to support fast and reproducible data transformation and analysis. Read More..


Authoring A Pipeline Pilot-based environment for the creation and management of scientific services, implementation of standard business rules, and enabling of data integration between ScienceCloud and on-premises systems. Read more..


Experiments A flexible, multi-disciplinary, low-cost-of-ownership electronic lab notebook empowers sponsor organizations and network partners to capture and share experimental methods. Read more..

Sample  An intuitive web-based solution for your low to high volume biological and chemical plate-related sample management. It effectively tracks large numbers of samples and the steps needed to prepare them – including splits, pools, replications, reformats, dilutions, aliquots, and more. Its flexible design is compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, allowing users to seamlessly take their work with them from their desk to the lab bench. Read more…


Mobile Tasks A mobile iOS application lets scientists access the ScienceCloud, execute ScienceCloud tasks and share results with colleagues. An associated Mobile Collection for Pipeline Pilot allows developers to build scientific protocols which can be deployed to mobile devices, leveraging mobile capabilities such as sound and image capture, location services, and speech-to-text. Read more..




Inventory The BIOVIA CISPro chemical inventory management system delivers all the necessary tools to accurately track and report chemicals, biological, instruments and supplies while meeting safety and regulatory requirements, enabling company-wide cost efficiencies and streamlined workflows. Read more..

Analysis  A browser and mobile friendly approach to rapidly answering scientific questions, providing advanced scientific analysis and visualization for scientists. Built on the industry-standard Pipeline Pilot scientific authoring application, Pipette Analysis allows scientists to construct their own, informative analysis workflows for chemistry, biology, imaging and other scientific domains, and easily share results with colleagues. Read more…



Exchange An open portal where scientists can publish and share Pipeline Pilot protocols (for example, reports created from ScienceCloud data), enhancing broad dissemination of essential research tools within the ScienceCloud community. Read more..

Our Solution Partners

The ScienceCloud team is partnering with these companies to build new software solutions on the open ScienceCloud platform. Please contact us to learn how you can join the ScienceCloud as a partner:

Eidogen-Sertanty is dedicated to helping scientists discover new, safer medicines with innovative software technology and knowledge bases. Eidogen is a privately held company providing solutions through software, content, and collaborative service arrangements. The Mobile App and Collection was built in partnership with Eidogen.


Discngine is one of the leading independent life sciences research software integrators and application developers. Since its inception in 2004, it has been delivering integration solutions to scientific R&D organizations in order to transform their research systems into innovative & intelligent discovery platforms.

Amplified Informatics provides software applications that enable scientists to extract more value from their data. These applications are characterized by their focus on scientific data types, elegant user interfaces and support for a range of devices. The Pipette Sketcher was built by Amplified Informatics.


Notiora develops advanced text mining and text analysis tools to extract meaningful information from unstructured data and documents.  Notiora’s search and analysis technology underpin ScienceCloud’s Project Documents searching capability.