BIOVIA ScienceCloud Obtains ISO 27001 Certification

By Darrin Powell
Senior Information Security Engineer, Dassault Systèmes, BIOVIA

June 1, 2015

Today I’m pleased to announce that BIOVIA ScienceCloud has earned ISO 27001 certification. ScienceCloud is the first information management and collaboration workspace for globally networked drug research to achieve this important globally recognized and independently verified certification.

Many forward looking pharma and biotech firms are looking at cloud technology to improve R&D productivity, enhance collaboration (internally and externally with partners), reduce risk and lower costs.  Understandably, data security is often top of mind as organizations consider moving critical infrastructure to the cloud. Fortunately, BIOVIA-Dassault-Systèmes has invested in cloud security at a scale that is difficult for many businesses to achieve on their own, and our investment in this critical area has produced an infrastructure and set of SaaS applications with strong data safeguards for customers.

ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted best practice standards for information security management , and we have earned the accreditation for the systems, technology, processes and data centers supporting our ScienceCloud environment based upon a formal independent audit confirming compliance with the standard.


Completed in conjunction with Securastar, a niche information security consulting firm specializing in ISO 27001, and Bureau Veritas, the Company’s highly-respected independent auditor, the certification process verified that a detailed framework for security design, implementation and management are in place, continuously monitored and improved. The certification process also verified that a robust framework exists for information security risk assessment, threat identification and rapid response. This comprehensive standard, which includes regular follow up surveillance audits, ensures ScienceCloud clients and partners around the world that rigorous security controls are in place to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information.

Data security in the cloud is as critical for BIOVIA as it is for our drug discovery customers. Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes require complete assurance that confidential and proprietary information remains that way―and the systems in place to safeguard data are certified to an accepted industry standard now and in the future.

To find out more about ScienceCloud security request a copy of our white paper.