Mobilize Your Project Team with ScienceCloud Tasks and Projects


By Fred Bost

April 16, 2014

Today Accelrys announced the availability of two new, free mobile apps in the Apple App Store. The apps make it easier to deploy tasks to mobile devices and collaborate on projects’and they come from the same place you get your favorite music and the latest version of Angry Birds. What could be easier?

A couple of months ago Accelrys launched ScienceCloud, an innovative, cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace that brings globally networked drug researchers together. Mobile, social media-like communication and collaboration are key features of ScienceCloud. Now these capabilities are in the App Store and ready for download.

ScienceCloud Tasks lets you use the Accelrys Pipeline Pilot protocol authoring application and the Pipeline Pilot Mobile Collection to build and test scientific protocols (tasks) and deploy them to mobile-enabled scientists across your team. The protocols can be written and deployed either in ScienceCloud or through an on-prem server. If you’re a Pipeline Pilot author, you can leverage mobile input services such as image capture, speech recognition, location capture and barcode reading in the protocols you create. You can deploy specific tasks to specific user audiences and optimize charts and graphs for display on different devices. Your mobile-enabled team members can then run specific tasks supporting scientific workflows (e.g., uploading images to an electronic lab notebook, scanning barcodes, performing chemical searches, etc.). Everyone on the team can instantly view status reports and project dashboards, while also quickly and easily sharing results and ideas with other mobile users.

ScienceCloud Projects lets project teams access information using mobile devices and communicate and collaborate more effectively in the ScienceCloud workspace or an on-prem system. You can access, search and share project data anywhere and anytime, view project status and communicate results, post and read project-related, Twitter-like updates, receive instant notifications of new information and engage with external partners using your phone. Additional mobile apps will become available to support further scientific workflows. How would you like to ‘mobilize’ your project team today?

To learn more about ScienceCloud mobile enablement, watch the recording of our¬†webinar entitled ‘Research Collaboration Going Mobile’.

If you are at BioIT World in Boston (April 29-May 1), you can also attend the presentation by Accelrys CTO Matt Hahn entitled ‘Accelrys ScienceCloud: A Hosted Strategy for Collaborative R&D.’ His talk will be on Wednesday, April 30 at 2:55 pm (Collaborations and Open Access Innovations Track 11).