Pipette Analysis: A Novel Experience for Collaborative Scientific Data Analysis


By Matt Hahn

July 23, 2014

Today BIOVIA announced the availability of Pipette Analysis. This browser and mobile friendly application helps scientists rapidly answer scientific questions and turn massive amounts of data into meaningful, real knowledge, empowering the end-user with analysis tools and customized services built for scientists.Scientists can construct their own, informative analysis workflows using pre-built services in chemistry, biology, imaging and other scientific domains. Pipette Analysis has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface for rapidly constructing analysis and visualization workflows which can be saved, shared and rerun as new data becomes available. Pipette Analysis also offers comprehensive visualization, charting, and dashboarding capabilities which can help scientists to easily understand diverse results and ultimately make better informed decisions. Dashboards and charts can be applied as templates to new datasets, and results easily shared with colleagues, to view in a browser or on a mobile device. Pipette Analysis is built on the industry-standard Pipeline Pilot, allowing scientific developers to rapidly build, extend and deploy new scientific analysis services within their organization and to external collaborators. It is available as an on-premises application for existing Pipeline Pilot customers and also available in BIOVIA’s new cloud-based collaborative research offering, ScienceCloud.

To learn more about Pipette Analysis view our video or watch our recorded  webinar entitled “Pipette Analysis: a novel user experience for collaborative scientific data analysis”.