ScienceCloud BLOG: Automating Collaboration Workflows


By Dave Rogers

March 20, 2015

To address rising cost/risk pressures and perceived innovation deficits, biopharmas are moving collaborative relationships beyond traditional boundaries and creating flexible networks of researchers―some in-house, others with industry and academic partners, research institutes and contract research organizations. These networks are increasing in size and complexity. Many combine numerous partners with diverse objectives in a single drug discovery project. Externalized undertakings like these raise important data and project management challenges such as:

  • Data Integrity: How do you handle multiple collaborators, each with their own format, and different tools for drawing molecules?
  • Data Synchronization: How do you manage multiple IDs with different collaborators? How do you harmonize new, updated or deleted data with on-premises data? What happens when predefined fields define only a subset of the fields you need to capture or share?
  • Data Access: How do you ensure that each team member can only access what he/she is authorized to see? How do you secure the IP of different parties and enable networked partners to share project data in real time? How do you quickly spin collaborations up and down in today’s fast-changing project landscape?

BIOVIA ScienceCloud is a technologically innovative, cloud-based information management and collaboration workspace designed to address these challenges while supporting globally networked drug R&D. With ScienceCloud, you have a level of business agility that’s not available with server-based, on-premises infrastructure. Being in the cloud, you can get the system up and running in days rather than weeks or months and with minimal IT involvement. ScienceCloud also reduces your exposure to security breaches. ScienceCloud’s state-of-the-art security means there is no need to open up ports in your firewall, and you only upload the subset of the data that is to be shared.

ScienceCloud provides an open ecosystem of web and mobile-accessible solutions that leverage social communication to connect virtual teams―enabling you to search user and application feeds, post from internal or external systems and collaborate more effectively by sharing crowd knowledge.

Pipeline Pilot, the BIOVIA workflow authoring application is now also in the Cloud, making it possible for you to create and manage scientific protocols for performing specific data preparation and manipulation tasks that you and your external collaborator(s) need to execute in accordance with standard business rules. Using Pipeline Pilot protocols to automate these data processing tasks can significantly reduce the risk of project disruption caused by poor quality data.

To learn more about leveraging ScienceCloud to improve collaboration, download the new White Paper entitled “BIOVIA ScienceCloud: Automating Collaboration Workflows.”   The White Paper includes a number of use cases demonstrating how predefined, easy-to-modify protocols can be used to define and execute collaboration tasks like registering new batches/assay results, identifying updated/deleted batches and correcting errors in assay results—either by the primary host or the collaborator.

Email to request a copy of our new white paper on this work.